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Name:Lt. Andi Booker
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Alaska, United States of America
Formerly of Atom Bombshell
Name: Lt. Andrea Tess Booker (Andi)
Age: 28
Position: Production Consultant at the PPDC Proving Grounds, part-time instructor at the Kodiak Jaeger Academy (technique, drift prep, hand-to-hand). Former Jaeger pilot (Atom Bombshell)
Height: 5'6"
Build: Average, muscular.
Nationality: American (Nebraskan)
Hair: Blonde, mid-length. Often tied back.
Eyes: Brown
Family: Sam and Catherine Booker (parents) Jane and Chris Booker (younger siblings).
Distinguishing Features: Both ears pierced, PPDC tattoo on right bicep, logo for Atom Bombshell on right forearm. scars on knuckles, major scarring on lower back, left side, left shoulder from Kaiju attack.
Personality: Andi is not here to dry your tears. She is not here to tell you everything will be okay and that you will pick yourself up, dust yourself, and walk away. She is here to serve as a warning. Get your shit together, or this is what will happen to you.
Andrea Booker grew up in a suburb of Lincoln, Nebraska, with an large-scale engine developer for a father, and a nurse for a mother. She was close to her siblings, a younger brother named Chris, and a younger sister named Jane. The first part of Andi's life was unremarkable - she was a troubled kid, posessing an anger that she eventually channeled into martial arts and an disel engineering apprenticeship.

Like everyone else, her life seemed like it would head down the road she expected. Until the Kaiju came.

Andi's family followed her father when he was drafted to work on the Jaeger Program. When the concept of a shared neural bridge was introduced, and siblings in particular were sought after, a then 22 year old Andi and her brother Chris were pushed straight into nine months of intense training. By the time they graduated as Rangers, the Mark 1.2 Jaegers were ready to see action. The Booker siblings took the reins of Atom Bombshell, and stationed her in the LA Shatterdome.

After a month of perimiter patrol, Bombshell saw her first action as backup for another Jaeger's fight. Only two months later, she survived her first solo combat without barely a scratch. The Kaiju never even made landfall. The sudden crush of fame went directly to Andi's head, and she set down the path of artificially chasing whatever adrenaline high she could.

Just four months after Bombshell’s first solo fight, the Booker siblings engaged with a Category 2 Kaiju four miles out from the California coast. Bombshell was almost destroyed and Andi bore the brunt of the physical injury, crippling Bombshell’s left side. She was unable to finish combat and the Kaiju was eventually destroyed by another Jaeger from the LA shatterdome. Andi was declared unable to pilot and was removed from the Jaeger program, replaced by her younger sister.

Thanks to continued physical therapy, Andi has regained most of the movement in her left side. She still experiences pain, but not enough to excuse the amount of painkillers she takes, nor how much she drinks. The PPDC, at a loss with what to do with her, not wanting the public to see the downfall of a hero pilot, and recognizing that she could serve as something of a warning, stationed Andi at Kodiak as an adviser and consultant at the academy and the testing facility.
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